Asia Mathematika

An International Journal. ISSN: 2457-0834 (online)

Volume 1, Issue 1, August 2017, pp 42-55

The type III vacuum spacetime does not accept embedding into E6

V. Barrera-Figueroa11, J. López-Bonilla2, R. López-Vázquez 2

1 Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Posgrado en Tecnología Avanzada, Av. IPN 2580, Col. Barrio la Laguna 07340, CDMX, México.
2 ESIME-Zacatenco, Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Edif. 4, 1er. Piso, Col. Lindavista CP 07738, CDMX, México.


We show the non-existence class two empty of Petrov type III without assuming that the second fundamental forms commute.


Spacetime of embedding class two, Gauss-Codazzi-Ricci equations.

Subject classification: 83Cxx, 15A66, 83C60.



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