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An International Journal. ISSN: 2457-0834 (online)

Volume 2, Issue 2, August 2018, Pages: 41-48

Semi-Compact and Semi-Lindelӧf Spaces via Neutrosophic Crisp Set Theory

A.A. Salama, I.M.Hanafy and M. S. Dabash

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Faculty of Sciences, Port Said University, Egypt.


The aim of this paper is devoted to introduce and study the concepts of semi-compact (resp. semi-Lindelӧf, locally semi-compact) spaces in a neutrosophic crisp topological space. Several properties, functions properties of neutrosophic crisp semi-compact spaces are studied. In addition to these, we introduce and study the definition of neutrosophic crisp semi-Lindelӧf spaces and neutrosophic crisp locally semi-compact spaces. We show that neutrosophic crisp semi-compact spaces is preserved under neutrosophic crisp irresolute function and neutrosophic crisp pre-semi-closed function with neutrosophic crisp semi-compact point inverses.


Neutrosophic crisp semi-compact spaces, Neutrosophic crisp semi-Lindelӧf spaces, Neutrosophic crisp locally semi-compact spaces. Neutrosophic topological spaces



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