Asia Mathematika

An International Journal. ISSN: 2457-0834 (online)

Volume 3, Issue 2, August 2019, Pages: 63-71

Submaximality under mIα-closed sets in ideal minimal spaces

M.Parimala1* and D.Arivuoli2

1Department of Mathematics, Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, Sathyamangalam, Tamilnadu, India.
2Department of Mathematics, Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India.


This article dealt a new submaximal space called mIαg-submaximal space in ideal minimal space. Significant properties of mIαg-submaximal space are studied. Equivalent conditions concerned with mIαg-submaximal space and mIαg-locally m* -closed sets, m*-codense sets, pre-m-I-open sets are also established


mIαg-closed sets, mIαg-locally m* -closed sets, mIαg-submaximal spaces


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